How Fix “Not Implemented” Error in Microsoft Outlook on Windows?

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Posted on: 10/01/18

The very common error named as “Not Implemented” error. When someone tries to check for new email by clicking on send or receive emails. One can fix this error with a few simple steps or by contacting the Outlook customer manager for help.

What causes “Not implemented” error to occur?

  • Corrupted add-ons

  • Defected Outlook profile

  • Partial installation of Outlook

  • Not having unintegrated anti-virus software

  • Outlook PST file corruption.

Solution to the “Not implemented” errors:

If you know the reason, resolving the issue can be much easier. The below-given recovery methods can help the users:

Method 1:

The add-ins on the Outlook can cause a number of errors to happen. Corrupted add-ons must be removed immediately or else it can create a cumbersome situation. So, if you are facing issues due to corrupted add-ins, you have deleted or disable all of them immediately.

Follow the steps, Go to Start menu>> Outlook/safe command and hit Enter. Now you can access Outlook in Safe mode.

Go to Options>>Add-ins>>Go. You will see the entire list of add-ins and disable them uncheck them all.

Select Send or receive, or reply/forward to check and resolve the issues.

Solution 2:

Recreate the SRS file to re-configure send/receive settings:

The preferences and settings that determine the functioning of send/receive files are saved in SRS file. If the SRS file is damaged, having “Not implemented” error is normal. To recreate this file follow the given steps. Navigate to:


  • Now, change the name of Outlook.srs file

  • Restart your Outlook program and it will recreate the Outlook SRS file

If the error still resists even after resolving the issue, try the different method:

Recreate your Outlook profile:

The defected Outlook profile can be the reason for “not implemented error’, to resolve this try the below-given steps:

  • Go to the Control Panel and tap on Mail

  • Select Show profile.

  • Tap on Add button, to begin with a new Outlook profile.

Remove and Re-install MS Office:

Once you are done with installing the MS Office, reinstalling the entire program can resolve the error:

  1. Go to the Start menu and then Control Panel.

  2. Select the Uninstall program

  3. select the MS office, and then Change

  4. Now on the prompted window, select Repair and Continue.

Disable anti-virus:

At some point of time, you need to deactivate the anti-virus as it can prevent you from using the services like MS Outlook. This can cause a delay in sending or receiving emails. So, one can disable some of the antivirus to use MS Outlook without any hindrance.

To resolve the issues like “Not implemented”, call upon Outlook Contact Number. This is the direct way to reach the techies who are capable to resolve all sort of errors with advanced tools and tactics.


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